Why Use EmailFlyerAds.com?

  • Used by 33,437 Agents and Brokers
    We are very proud that to date 33,437 members have signed up for EmailFlyerAds.com. Our success is largely due to the valuable feedback we have received from our members. We will continue to listen to our members and enhance our system and services based on member feedback
  • Stunning Email Templates
    We have over 30 real estate templates to choose from. Our templates have been designed for optimal email delivery without compromising style or features.
  • Impress Your Clients
    Show your clients you are working hard for them. We allow you to add 4 additional emails when you schedule your flyer, which you can use for your clients.
  • Share Your Flyer - Listing Syndication
    Have your listings posted to over 30 top online directories and easily share it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with a click of a button. We will also provide you with Craigslist friendly HTML that will allow you to easily post your listing to Craigslist.
  • Ability To Choose Multiple Areas
    We give you the control on which email areas you would like to send your flyer to. Or if you would like a more customized list, we allow you to customize your lists by choosing individual cities. Click Here to view our available lists.
  • Open Tracking
    FREE open tracking and click tracking reports with every flyer. You will be able to see a count of opens per city.
  • Flyer Web Page and Unique Listing Website (URL)
    All emailed flyers and newsletters come with a free web page. We also give you the option of adding a unique listing domain. For example www.1314SunsetDr.com.
  • Best Value - Lowest Price
    We simply offer the highest quality professional flyers at the lowest price, along with providing great service. If there is a competing service out there that provides a better value, we have not found it.
  • Instant Preview, Save and Schedule
    No waiting 24 to 48 hours. We allow you to create, preview and schedule your flyer INSTANTLY.
  • Printable and PDF Flyer Version
    Use the printable version for your property for sale boxes and other advertisements. We also provide you with a PDF flyer version.
  • Click-To-Call
    Include a click-to-call button on your flyers, which will allow potential clients and other Agents to reach you in real time.
  • Drip Email Marketing
    This feature will automatically resend your flyer 1 week from the original sent date to everyone who opened the original flyer.
  • Email To Your Personal Contacts
    We give you the ability to add and upload your personal contacts (clients or co-workers), which you can send your flyers to.
  • Slideshows
    Add a slideshow to your flyer and get 25 additional property photos that have a transition slidehsow affect
  • Map Link
    Add a map link to your flyer, which will display a thumbnail of your property on the map and point in directly to the address.
  • Upload Your Own Design
    We allow you to upload your own flyer template design or you can create your own designs using our blank flyer template.
  • Free Profile Page
    We provide you with a profile page that highlights information about you and your services and also showcases all of your listing flyers.
  • Listing Syndication
    We give you the option of having your listings automatically sent to top real estate search sites for free.
  • NO SPAM Policy
    We have strict email rules and only allow property related flyers to be sent to our lists. We allow property for sale flyers, open house flyers, brokers open houses, price reductions, property lease or rentals. We DO NOT allow flyers for other advertisments, services or products
  • Fast, Friendly Support
    We offer fast, friendly email support. Emails are answered in less than 2 hours on Monday through Friday between 9:00am to 6:00pm PST.
  • Ability To Market Out Of State
    We know how important it is to be able to market certain properties out of state. If your listing is an investment or vacation property, it makes sense to market it out of state.
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